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I have come to the conclusion that the Gillette Slim is the perfect razor for me. It does not matter if I load a Voskohd, Sputnik, Feather or whatever. I get an incredibly comfortable shave.

With four days of growth I loaded up a Feather and set the Slim to 9. Hot shower prep and Cella. First pass was with the grain and the hair practically jumped off my face. I did nick myself twice. Once on my pox scar and the other on a puffy patch of skin from my skin condition. Shaving every other day helps keep the condition at bay.

None of the other dozen or so razors, not even the Fatip, has compared to my Slim. What a way to end a day.

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Makes me wabt to pull out my slim and get a shave with it.

Central Maine
The Slim is a nice razor especially when set to magic 9. It was my "gateway drug" to even more aggressive razors once I saw what it could do for me.
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I shaved with my 1966 Slim this morning. Smooth and comfortable. Enough said. Big Grin

Love mine to, great shave each time, can't wait to try it with new blades soon too! 5 setting for me works best after two days of no shaving, since I shave every two days Smile

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aw, I thought I'd be reading a thread about a nostalgic SE razor. Tongue

use whatever works best for you!
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(08-02-2015, 08:07 PM)andrewjs18 Wrote: aw, I thought I'd be reading a thread about a nostalgic SE razor.  Tongue

use whatever works best for you!

I used an SE once. It took months for my neck to heal. Not my cup o' tea.

I got a beat up slim at a flea market a few months back and finally cleaned it up and gave it a shave. Great razor, think I started on 5 though and will work my way up but yeah, great razor.
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