I ordered the 3d printed adapters for gem blades from fugal shave at the beginning of the month the came last Thursday, There are 2 designs, 1 is riverrun 's 2 piece and the other is a 1 piece was designed by The_Boxhead for Swedish lather catchers. they come VERY rough and need fitting .I've been going back and watching Dave in KY videos with these adapters so instantly gravitated to the 1 piece adapter. I was able to fit the 1 piece to my 1880 PT very easily with no issues with a dummy gem blue star blade. I just had to remove a little bit of flash left on the print .The Dr. Scott's 1896 on the other hand I had to take some material off each side of the adapter, and dummy gem blade because the Dr scott's wedge blade is shorter side to side than the kampfe wedge blades. I've also been experimenting with shimming the adapter on Dr. Scott's with a couple layers of duck tape to get the blade at the correct angle to the roller guard. (!caution!)It worked in this first experiment with a dummy blade but I am unsure of the safety of this mod with the amount the blade adapters 3 stops will engage the gem blade. I am going to retry with electrical tape on the bottom of the adapter see if it that will work. As for the 2 piece adapter, fitting It has been a slow process I've got the bottom plate at about 75 % and 0 on the top plate. Not one surface on the top mates to the bottom. I will take my time fitting it and will update this in the future and post and update on the DR Scott's. All in all I am very happy I can finally do a easy shave with my Kampfe Bros Star 1880 PT with common gem blades with out having to mess with a wedge blade.
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