We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this past weekend. We went to our Vermont cabin for 3 days.

We arrived Saturday afternoon. It would be a limited cooking weekend for me. ML feels as an equal celebrant I should not have to spend all weekend cooking. We had dinner out at our favorite restaurant.

That night we toasted with a bottle of vintage port from our wedding year.
[Image: Wc6oYcl.jpg]

It was smooooth, sweet and delicious.
[Image: Vh956B1.jpg]

I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol. So only a glass of port each night. There is still some left. I use a vinvac to seal up the bottle and the high alcohol and sugar content keep the port stable.

Sunday we went to Quechee Gorge. This is a stock photo from VT Historic Registry. The bridge is 165 feet up.
[Image: hk6vEVT.jpg]

These photos are from both sides of the bridge.
[Image: lDdsQiJ.jpg]
[Image: yRrF0MX.jpg]

This is my lovely bride, our daughter and her young man on the bridge.
[Image: xc8GGno.jpg]

They are in the process of putting up a fence to deter jumpers. A young man committed suicide. His family petitioned the state and the fence is being erected. Against the wishes of the town, the townfolk, the historic registry and local merchants. There were also new solar powered hotline suicide hotline phones at each end of the bridge.

Sunday we ate out and had a lovely meal. We had an unusual appetizer. Tater tots served as nachos - covered with bacon, cheese, tomatoes and jalapenos. It was yummy.

Back at the cabin we  had tea and Ivin's Spiced Wafers. These cookies are a Philadelphia treat sold only at the Acme supermarket chain and only in the fall.
[Image: tpkqGXW.jpg]

Monday mornings breakfast was omelets stuffed with sausage and cheese. Except for me. I prefer my egss over easy (dippy eggs) with a toasted english muffin for dipping and my beloved Spam as a side.
[Image: mFshpH6.jpg]

It was a lovely weekend. I am honored and grateful that ML chose me. We have a great life together.

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Congratulations to you both, Phil and that Port wine is a nice way to toast the special occasion. Smile

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Congratulations, Phil! 35 years is pretty amazing.

Port is a great choice to celebrate any occasion. Big Grin

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- Yohann
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You are a very lucky man and I hope you are fully aware of that.

I am getting married in December and I very much looking fwd to sharing with my soon to be wife.

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Congratulations on the milestone! It looks like it was a great weekend and those totchos sound delicious!

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- Jeff

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Congrats on 35 years!

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congrats, Phil!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Always the best to Mary Lou and you, Phil.  May the two of you know many more happy years together.

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Congratulations. 35 years is a real accomplishment. Our 35th is next June.

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Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere per un barbiere di qualità...

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