All 3 are good user-grade condition and work well.

The date codes on the Slims are J2 and K2. The Redtip is C4

I'd like to trade all 3 for a stainless razor or higher-end brush. Feel free to shoot me an offer.

Thank you

[Image: 362002c9b7d2dbf63ea119bc6d43f317.jpg]

[Image: 6dc6d17baf0f4da7241b3f7fb94ac295.jpg]

[Image: b581ae90211130e2f42353d4d581da6b.jpg]
Kinda seems my thread got jacked...

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A bump to bring this back on track to these nice vintages. Apologies, I expected this to go to a PM.

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I have removed the hijacking posts and will PM the poster.


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Bump. Offers welcome

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