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As we have been doing for Movember the past 2 years, in addition to doing the lots like we always do, we've decided to team up with Andrew (Viking) of Viking Soaps to produce a custom shaving brush that'll be available for purchase on November 1st and shipping by mid to late November. A portion of the money from the brushes sold will be donated directly to our DFS Movember team page as well as a smaller percentage being donated to TJ's Travel Funds & Care Packages to help kids and families with leukodystrophy.

30-40 of these brushes will be made, depending on the demand.

brush order page: https://www.vikingsoap.com/product-category/dfs2019/

Here's the specs of the brush, per Viking :

$105 shipped for these brushes:

- 63mm handle height
- 26mm badger bulb or fan knot (Viking calls these knots Odin's Beard, which is very similar to a SHD knot)
- ~49mm loft (fan)
- ~50mm loft (bulb)

[Image: 4OvldQs.jpg]

[Image: zzKGFtp.jpg]

base coin:
[Image: XbHvCWG.jpg]

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Hey All! I'm super excited for this project as mentioned in the other thread... I have this set up as 3 different products on the website: handle only, handle plus Odin's Beard Fan and handle plus Odin's Beard Bulb. The Odin knots are a SHD finest 2-band knot and they are outstanding, they have received excellent reviews so far.

More details are available on the product descriptions on the website and in Andrew's post above but please feel free to post any questions or comments here in this thread.

As I state on the website, orders will open for these on Nov. 1st at 6pm CST. The shipping window will be between Nov. 15th and Nov 30th, as brushes are ready. The knots are supposed to ship today, so should have them next week some time to get started - and, if I'm able, I'll start to ship before Nov. 15th to get ahead of the game.

Here is the link to the DFS Movember 2019 LE product page: https://www.vikingsoap.com/product-category/dfs2019/

Here are a few images of some recently completed ones with knots, a picture of a group of them and a picture of the knots:

[Image: CameraZOOM-20191028200315298-e1572312349...3264&ssl=1]
[Image: CameraZOOM-20191028200533168-e1572312315...3264&ssl=1]
[Image: CameraZOOM-20191028195849605-e1572312667...3024&ssl=1]
[Image: CameraZOOM-20191028200749504-e1572312420...3024&ssl=1]

Thanks for your interest and participating in the Movember event!

- Andrew

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Hey folks - I need to pull the product previews down from the website, but they will reappear at 6 p.m. CST and be in-stock at that time.

I was hoping to keep them up all afternoon until the set release time, but something has come up that requires me to schedule it as I won't be available at that time.

Please let me know of any questions.

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the brushes are now live!

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Awesome. I just ordered one Smile

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Me too! Couldn't resist such a fine looking brush!

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got my order in too!

I picked up a few balms as well. I have the viking ragnar shaving soap, which smells awesome.

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Thanks for the orders so far, folks! Plenty still available.
I snagged a bulb and some soaps.

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I really appreciate everyone's interest so far - and wanted to let those who have ordered know that I have enough knots in stock to start fulfilling the orders that have come in thus far and they will start shipping today. I will get the rest of the knots set tonight and ship them out tomorrow except the few that I'm communicating with folks on additional details with synthetic knots.

There are still plenty of brushes available.

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