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This thread is where I'm going to post photos from my treks this year.

Last weekend, I did a post winter shakedown cruise on the Laurel Highlands Hiking trail (70 miles long) in order to grab a geocache. I did 9 miles round trip, between mile markers 18 and 23. It was a gorgeous day for a hike. When I started, it was 30F and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt under a fleece under a down sweater and a wool hat. By the time I turned back, it was 60 and I was wearing only the long sleeved shirt (and pants).

Entered the trail from the Laurel Ridge State Park.

[Image: U1-RToW8CrvqniL_IHFvhCmdGpF0R9_lqGMiyJP0...54-h969-no]

The things you come across in the Pennsylvania woods. A cemetery in which the oldest date that I could figure out was 1819 and she was a 12 or 14 year old girl. You can't read most of the stone anymore.

[Image: q0RCBaw1K_SZ_GzC9hg0s-TWbAVexPmjqJsEu2Bb...54-h969-no]

[Image: BfI_XYxHzh_lb2D0tcy1Kk-uJe3pmRGukqsKL9S3...54-h969-no]

[Image: 7SDRVztmsC5hBotmU0nM6bXSV27u5LxObmASUNg_...54-h969-no]

Starting into some boulder fields.

[Image: izh9eUcGvAR0ZniCrO5L_LDvF8icc7wTOlHe12B2...54-h969-no]

Craggy old rocks. Craggy old trees.

[Image: n0m3SNIoqwZFbmCNpVC4GV59Sx2x3gw3vazFVAV2...54-h969-no]

How does nature do that?

[Image: MansltRyziYVUoQ_R11qPSSCvIzRHTHYIyFm9nqy...54-h969-no]

I was hiking on a dry plateau but found this trickle fed spring along the trail. It proved to be a great way to test my new water filter.

[Image: ibmiJG7_V6q-cbKA0ZBFzO9l4wg6L4UegO5XToUn...54-h969-no]

This filter uses medical grade hollow fibers and if you notice the dual tubes, one is for drawing up the water the other is for back flush water. 10% of the water drawn in is used to continuously back flush the filter, eliminating the need for back country cleaning! It worked great, pumps 2+ liters/minute.

[Image: saAhL7UXINKoUucIV-PQ7oq8zszyY-iFT63BPDt8...54-h969-no]

[Image: MqVsYvl83aWaPbMUUyuqTUt4SH_fi4b70LKot7wM...54-h969-no]


[Image: fABrIpUi8zndzP9WyOZ4UR2ZF4HK26R62dXr-p0P...54-h969-no]

More vista!

[Image: HHT1djI1pp9k60B2uJd4_4CxoXCUUFbaichJT1DF...54-h969-no]

Vista cubed!

[Image: 9CBmoD8yBZi7KhZ0cLBa2HGSlORDTn97MP_IMMNd...54-h969-no]

A view from the cliff I was standing on.

[Image: fsRV6YriYAVoQFlJqPXGijx7H7Dk4c9xOqV27RWf...54-h969-no]

Don't step on that crack, or you'll break your mother's back.

[Image: zTHeFF9Tord_O5YT-0zbgH8ttDxjGyxK_Y9HBxTC...54-h969-no]

Seemed fitting.

[Image: jcoYYLMHLOiL275TJre2xWKNyqP-F5wcQ0vSdxUF...54-h969-no]

More boulder fields. They're getting big now.

[Image: m3opW2E9nsGz8hXLomx59OGSXMhBPPOuVEB2Lu61...54-h969-no]

Jagger field.

[Image: szJ6zjkQTcrN3YamTYmOjvchJEvGcMAJy96V9Fub...54-h969-no]

The trail heads up into the rock maze.

[Image: Ev3dMDGkWNv1kbMl-jvY9D2PwM4HZftaSLBiPZQ6...54-h969-no]

Walking among the rocks.

[Image: BViyXwZtcHWfooMdXnQx8N1X64vDU10P4nR4Xw3P...54-h969-no]
Life has a melody.

[Image: 7sk1HPbUXL_YrC6wiUwoDD4Q_A20iva0VYl9MLIi...54-h969-no]

[Image: PJ-Kzy1GjGPGFJHXPUNVeQnEp4tv_cvyYC3vJ8dr...54-h969-no]

My prize is 6 feet into a hole under those rocks.

[Image: sDqrkbKPcUDzFa_tfoHMBuPfHfV8mdqfUUNjwQyG...54-h969-no]

Great spot for lunch!

[Image: cZ8v_eGlS193bLa_AC4FqX3nREyQ5NQBDjW_ejWN...54-h969-no]

Freeze dried lasagne is on the menu today.

[Image: F4zWwjmEpceL1nJvfnMDWI4PmFDNs30w1MXtAMGq...54-h969-no]

A barren meadow on top of the plateau.

[Image: t7LvOoyOxmGuY3hm2q1BnmdFa_jxkgA17b-yJNfR...54-h969-no]

The first signs of spring that I saw!

[Image: lf-5wTev1GMzzqvJiw65SHEz0hMGV0fAOS12kOe0...24-h969-no]

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Life has a melody.

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Beautiful. Thanks for the photographic journey, Justin. Happy2

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Very nice pictures. Sitting in front of a computer everyday - all day - I long for those trips.

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That looks like a great hike. Happy2

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Great images and I agree- took me right along for the ride. Thanks for that!

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