Hello all!

I'm cleaning up my past sales thread and adding a couple more brushes.

I'm the original owner of all brushes.

First is the Thater 4125/5

It measures 33/57

Asking $215 shipped CONUS

[Image: 23f07c66aa5e438ee7723668833b586d.jpg]

[Image: d521e7e2a8afa65340affa956a1d7b97.jpg]

Second is my M&F / Brad Sears brush

Knot measures 31/53mm and has great Finest hair.

I paid $255 and that's what I'm asking.

[Image: dcb90c0ace6a90bacbdc7b3f51d1f00d.jpg]

[Image: d645df92cb19789f69e33387325e6695.jpg]

[Image: 9c74090cd05d865854ce5c0b7f257af4.jpg]

Last is my one of a kind M&F / LL collaboration.

I recently let the other smaller one got to a friend and this is the last one.

The knot measures 33/54 and the hair grade is Finest.

I'm listing this for trade for something of equal rarity.

Now for the pics.

[Image: e87357d0efd0692b2eb139b9aaf62ec4.jpg]

[Image: 87a4ab1be630467598f5d3117e0a0cb5.jpg]

[Image: 2b5cc1798504fcf4e35c3592648e9a60.jpg]

Pics don't do it justice.

I have a video I can email if anyone is interested.

Thank you all for looking.
[Image: 989f3761cd5f71d356108eb96f932b7f.jpg]

Pic next to a Sabini 2xl for size comparison.

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Oh my good gosh those are stunning brushes, particularly the 33 mm M&F. Dazzling! GLWTS!
All the best,

Michael P
So pretty glwts

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Thanks for the kind words guys!
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Price drop to $200 shipped for the Thater.
$185 Thater.

$240 M&F Jade.

Shipped CONUS.
I'll be withdrawing these tomorrow 8/6.

If my prices seem off please let me know via pm.

Any interest PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Thank you all for looking.

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