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Lisbon, Portugal
This razor was acquired some time ago, from a portuguese fellow and friend. It is a 1924 Gillette Old Type Pioneer Special Olympic.

These were made in the USA for the French market, and perhaps other European markets. This is a special series commemorating the 1924 Olympics in Paris.

It includes a very curious instruction book in several languages, including English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, among other idioms.

I really hope you like the photos! Smile

[Image: P1080004.jpg]

[Image: P1080006.jpg]

[Image: P1080007.jpg]

[Image: P1080008.jpg]

[Image: P1080009.jpg]

[Image: P1080010.jpg]

[Image: P1080011.jpg]

[Image: P1080012.jpg]

[Image: P1080013.jpg]

[Image: P1080014.jpg]

[Image: P1080015.jpg]

[Image: P1080016.jpg]

[Image: P1080017.jpg]

[Image: P1080018.jpg]

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simply gorgeous and in amazing shape too,
are u selling it, Smile
I am first in line.

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Outstanding find, congrats and thanks for sharing.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Emanuel, that is absolutely stunning and a real treasure. Congratulations on owning this beautiful piece and thank you for sharing it with us. Smile
Truly an amazing razor in amazing shape. Just a WOW level single ring.
Jay, owner of Delta Echo Razor Works.

That is truly a nice razor

Awesome find! It looks well taken care of and nearly perfect Big Grin

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