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The start of a new season and, perhaps, shaves to reflect that.

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The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date: 17 September 2017 is nearly 7:45am in West of London

Pre: - Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush: - RazoRock Plissoft Big Bruce Synth. 26/63mm knot
Lather: - Wilkinson Sword Shave Stick (european version grated into a plastic tub)
Razor: - Gillette Ball End Tech 1946-50
Blade: - Gillette Silver Blue #1
Post: - Thayers Witch Hazel 'Unscented' / Bulldog Original Aftershave Balm
Fragrance: - Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

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Sunday shave  Cool

Razor : Gillette Super Speed 50s Z-1
Blade : Polsilver (3)
Shaving brush : Shea moisture black badger
Shaving soap : Wilkinson Sword
After shave : Barbon

I used this soap for second time, and fast become my favorite. Unfortunately it is not sale here, where I live  Confused

[Image: IMG_20170917_110031.jpg]

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Grooming Dept Basique
Romera Manchurian Fan 30 x52mm
Att SE1
Fine Platinum AS
Oud Inmortel by Byredo

Regards [Image: 4c894813c08499da53b76bd695c583c3.jpg]

Enviado desde mi SM-G935F mediante Tapatalk

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[Image: hqjw72s.jpg]

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Atlanta, GA
September 17, 2017
OneBlade Genesis V2
Feather FHS
Shavemac Silvertip D01 3 Band
Reef Point Test Depth
Witch Hazel with Menthol
Cool Water EDT

[Image: IMG_3941-XL.jpg]

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Razor: BBS-1
Blade: Feather
Brush: Wiborg 26mm
Soap: Martin de Candre
Balm: Castle Forbes lavender
Finish: Spanish Leather by Truefitt & Hill

[Image: N9l8vXv.jpg]

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Hondo TX USA
Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Bath Soap-Scots Pine Sheep
Soap: Proraso Sensitive White Tub
Razor: Gillette Pre-War Fat Handle Tech-Triangle Slots
Blade: Vintage Gillette Platinum-Plus (Shave #14)
Brush: Plisson #12 Badger-22mmx56mm
Aftershave: Burberry Brit EdT

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

Proraso White Tub today. 20 seconds to load the Plisson Badger brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Gillette Platinum-Plus in the Gillette Fat Handle Tech. Excellent smooth, close shave. I finished with Burberry Brit EdT.


[Image: 37117725121_cc678e79d1_b.jpg]

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The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
(09-17-2017, 11:18 AM)UngerWoo Wrote: [Image: hqjw72s.jpg]

UngerWoo may I ask what size knot, loft height and who made the handle ?

Cheers Winking

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A Texas on Fire kinda day!

[Image: 3l6aULM.jpg]

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