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Don't Miss Our Starter Kit Sale Shave Cadets! Time is running out! And besides, The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special will be starting soon!

A Great Gift Kit to Start 'em Off Right!

[Image: 7AN98Qe.jpg]

Looking to get friends and family into the hobby or just making a valiant effort to show them a better way? Maybe this is for you and you're interested in finding out what all the Wet Shaving buzz is about? Or maybe you are just tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor bumps?

The Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

Our kit is fully self contained in a handsome, magnetic clasp gift box, it contains everything one needs to get started; 1 Symmetry Straight Bar Razor, 1 Two Ounce CK-6 Ultra Premium Shave Soap, 1 One Ounce Aftershave/Cologne, 1 Green Ray Tribble Hybrid Synth Shaving Brush, Instructions, and 3.25 months worth of blades!

Did I also mention it looks really slick and need not even be wrapped...just slap a bow on it and BOOM, you just created a NEW Wet Shaver! It's that easy! (now go catch that episode of The Doctor!)

"Take Me To Your Lather, Phoenix Shaving!"

http://shor.by/GeOX [Please Share!]

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