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[Image: ixstQVg.jpg]

[Image: MjP923Z.jpg]

[Image: CLHt0qN.jpg]

[Image: 0JnqePX.jpg]

[Image: gyc2Fny.jpg]

[Image: fxmgMIF.jpg]

[Image: 6ZSPfuK.jpg]
[Image: jPBcPWP.jpg]

[Image: iBZLwJ0.jpg]

[Image: qrO1Dky.jpg]

[Image: wcPSNWH.jpg]

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Suum cuique
Very nice
Those are very good photographs. Well done!
Are those yummy truffles, hypnotic shrooms, or poisonous that I could die trying one?

Нет, не умирай Это очень вкусные грибы, жареные, вареные и сушеные.
Suum cuique

Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
That's it. I'm putting shrooms on my pizza tonight. Thanks for sharing.

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"Simple: not to be confused with easy."
Excellent pictures.

Are they edible? They look good enough to eat.
Wow!  Those look like giant mushrooms!

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