In 2 hours, you are going on your first date with a supermodel. What razor are using for your shave?
ATT M1. No risk of a bad results with that razor.

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Rockwell 6S because it is the smoothest and best shaving razor I own. The Rockwell might not be a looker a.k.a. Supermodel but it is a better shaver than my ATT, Wolfman, Timeless, Vintage Gillettes, Razorocks, etc.

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You just saw an Axe commercial right? I bought some of that stuff once. It doesn't work at all. Used it, then waited for the super models to show up. Nothing. I think we should sue.

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Nashville, TN
Muhle R41

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Hendrix Classics & Co.
Timeless Razors to Pass Along for Generations

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Toss up between my Wolfman or my Maggard V3A.

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I think my partner already is a 'supermodel', so I wouldn't need to go on that date. Nonetheless, hypothetically speaking, if I were to, then it would be a Blackbird Polished. Shy

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I have two hours to prep?

ShaveSmith straight.

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hmmm... I'd go with any of these 3:
feather as-d2
att calypso m1
razorock baby smooth

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Hmm, I’m torn. The Blackland Blackbird would give the closest shave. On the other hand, the Weber DLC would give the safest shave. I wouldn’t want to chance having to show up with pieces of toilet paper stuck on my face, although I guess some supermodels could find that endearing…

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