Mystic Water
Cellar Door
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Ferndale, MI
(05-31-2016, 03:16 AM)Oasisdave Wrote: Mystic Water
Cellar Door

Those are exactly my 3. Can't believe I forgot Cellar Door! I love their Tobacco and Oakmoss & Mahogany and Teakwood scents.
- Jeff
Never tried Mohogany & Teakwood doesn't seem to be currently available

Wilmo DE
Stirling, Shannon's, and Mystic Waters make great bath soaps.
Right now I'm using SS Cranberry Spice and it is a super scent and excellent performer.

I hope to try more artisans in the future.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I have been recommended to use Mystic Waters so I have a Lavender coming my way.
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Barner 4 Life
The only one I have tried is Stirling. My wife and I love Rod's bath soaps.
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I have only used Stirling's bath soaps. These are great. I have tried Michelle's (Mystic Waters) shampoo bars. These are great and long lasting.
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RazoRock bath soaps are very nice and last a long time (75showers)

PRE Dr Providence- creamy lather, many scents are too feminine for my taste, but still a wonderful soap.

SV 7th Aniversary- only tried this one 1 time so far, but nice clean scent and made a lather similar to PDP, very luxurious.

Soap Comander- the bars didn't last as lonG as others, but very nice scents and supports artisan soap makers.

Cellar Door soaps- very nice artisan soaps, they have the uneven top on the bar like many artisans, but the bars last a long time and they have some wonderful scents that last thru the whole bar.

Chandrika soap- can be found locally for $1-2 has a unique incense/ Indian type of scent. Bars are kind of small but is a very nice inexpensive soap.
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I've used a few, but my favorite is Stirling. Look at the value. You get a HUGE bar of soap for a little over 4 bucks and they lather like crazy and have wonderful scents.

Probably my second favorite bar soap is from Soap Commander but I find that the soap doesn't last very long.
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Hondo TX USA
I have pretty much settled on Stirling, especially Scots Pine Sheep, for the past couple of years.

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