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It Might serve as a secondary function to slice fruit, cut rope?? Side note, i find these kick starter razor Campaigns especially interesting when everyone of the founders isn't clean shaven at all. Hmmmmmm buy my razor it is good enough for me NOT TO USE......

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I'll let someone else be the test dummy. Smile
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Not a shaved face in the house!

Although, it annoys me when a Kickstarter misleads people by putting out a product with lower quality/fewer features than advertised. But when it's a laser on a stick, anyone who invests can't say that he or she is surprised if the laser stick doesn't work.

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Sounds very stinky with all that burning hair.
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(09-22-2015, 10:55 PM)TheHandleBar Wrote: Sounds very stinky with all that burning hair.

Exactly what I was thinking!!!
Annakin and Luke shaved with a light saber, and they always got all the ladies. Just sayin.

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True irony

It could be a case of 'it's so stupid it works'? Come on people be optimistic!

But, uh, you try it first Wink

The white boards with math, and stuff, sold me.


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Life has a melody.

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Obviously they got this idea from Dr. Evil:


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