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Tim Zowada 6/8 symmetric grind 1/2 hollow
Hemp wrapped

Razor is less than 2 months old, it has been used 2x and had only touched a Kamayama 80000 strop. Ballistol applied when not in use

I purchased this one of a kind razor directly from Tim for $750. I've run in to some money issues and reached out to get his blessing before selling. In fact, he has generously offered to hone it when needed for its new owner

$650 CONUS. Please add 4% if paying G&S

Feel free to PM with any questions. Thanks for looking.[Image: 063e1066c92d8b139019590422d2a996.jpg][Image: e44c71260f7f2a5efefb9d452c0882da.jpg][Image: 845733dd72a5182235e187dd2464cd9e.jpg][Image: 64a13a14f177f777bc07772a4a2425b3.jpg]

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