Hi all,

I have a new & unused tub of PannaCrema Nuavia Verde I’d like to sell. Bought this a few months back and got some other new soaps at the time as well. I love Verde, but B&M Lavender Reserve has become my top soap. Time to set this free.

Looking to get $55 shipped conus.


[Image: b0a7757ce74e01bfaecce41f1116d05d.jpg]

[Image: 56780fb9ebfd67026c99d85e8967f25f.jpg]

[Image: b9547df226c40842b677fe9b6ca6b350.jpg]

[Image: bbfccabc9895e4bb42af61562342d89e.jpg]
No Nuavia love? How about $50 shipped?
This is a great deal. I would be all over it, but I just purchased a used 25 Times container of this for the same price:/
This is sold, thanks all!

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