I picked this up on BST for 140 (PP G&S) and selling for same price. Shipping included and CONUS. For intl PM me. I prefer my Blackbird to this razor. Very nice shape and well machined. Hoping to pass onto someone else that will enjoy it.

[Image: 94dbd5c9c4e1b63fc7953748cc293397.jpg][Image: 4daf7f7bcd48649b564fbdd4666242b4.jpg][Image: 068c5d44eaa6c028697eef94eedd567e.jpg][Image: baa789f3ff8d8fb092158fafc604f17b.jpg][Image: cb752e1954928e78ca71b077aa1f982b.jpg]

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Very nice deal here. GLWTS

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Price drop 130

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