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Hey All,

I wanted to post a quick thread to let everyone know of some changes that have been made to the WSN Podcast. The last few weeks have been quiet on social media as I've hosted family and so I'm just now catching up. So, updates:

After some feedback and discussion with Mark at Sharpologist, we are increasing the frequency of the WSN Podcast. It will publish every other Wednesday starting on August 5th. It was previously scheduled for the 1st and 15th of every month. I believe there is plenty of content out there to support this, and it does provide an increased frequency for vendor interviews.

Our next Guest is a bit of a surprise. I had scheduled a different Guest, but they were unable to find time to schedule with us. Instead, the wonderful Danielle from êShave will be on with us in the next episode. If you've never heard of êShave, I suggest you give them a look over at their website. She is also giving away an êShave DE razor! It's a custom design for êShave, and it's really quite the design.

This coming Tuesday, we'll have an interview with the team at Col. Conk for a special Vendor Spotlight mini-cast. The Vendor Spotlight mini-casts are intended to highlight recent major changes that vendors may go through, and in this case it's the revamping of Col. Conks product line with all-natural products including a pre-shave oil, shave cream and soaps, and a post-shave balm. And because it's always fun to win things, we have a complete shave set to give away from Col. Conk comprised of their pre-shave oil, High Desert Breeze (tea tree and eucalyptus) shave cream, and matching post-shave balm.

For this interview, I'd like to know your questions! What do you want to ask the Col.? Leave your questions below and you might hear them answered!

Last Call Folks,

Talking to the gang over at Col. Conk at 11AM Eastern tomorrow. If you have a question you'd like me to ask post it here.

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