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In other words are you worried about using soap that somebody else has put their brush in. I have a BUNCH of soap that I wan't to PIF or sell for really cheap, but wonder if people would even want it.

I buy used soap all the time. I'm as far away from being a germaphobe as one can get, but I just don't get how a soap product can store unhealthy cooties.

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I feel the same way, but I know there are people out there who don't.
I have traded soaps and received some PIFs I am obviously still alive and kicking. Unless the soap is really old, guessing small risk. My biggest issue is the reason for the PIF - my first PIF the reason was obvious and binned.

I did give someone a rash with a traded soap - assuming the soap ingridents and not the once used almost new soap.
Tons of guys buy sell and trade soaps on the forums. A few want only “scooped” soaps (not lathered), but the majority of guys don’t mind if a soap has been lathered as long as its left in good condition.

Someone will buy it, if it's priced right & the condition is clearly labeled.
I'm rethinking it now. Especially if I don't know the guy.

Someone over on Reddit made a lather with a bodily fluid and he is active on the BST.

I'm at a good place soap wise I can go new now.

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I would not buy used soap, let alone use it. I once bought on Ebay, what the seller stated was a NOS Ralph Lauren Safari for Men Shaving Soap. It was not, the soap was binned and the seller no longer had a 100% positive feedback.

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Personally I don’t go out looking for them. I scope stuff out and if it’s either hard to get or want the soap but don’t want to pay full pop for it, I’ll go for it. I have only 1 soap that I got that wasn’t brand new. At the end of the day we use soap to clean things right... how could bacteria live on something that is used to clean? Also once we wash it off I expect the soap to wash off the bacteria with it... otherwise why not just use come coconut oil while you shave. If your just using it for slickness that will do you just fine.

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I'm only asking because I need to clear out some soaps that are just sitting and collecting dust. I'm not looking to make a profit by any means. Some of them are really good soaps, but I just never use them.

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