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Has anyone gotten a synthetic from wolf whiskers? I'm almost up on the list and debating between a black wolf or silvertip premium. I've never had a silvertip so which of the two would be softer and still have backbone?

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A friend of mine has a great many brushes, both high-end badgers and synthetics. If I recall correctly, the Black Wolf is his favorite synthetic knot.

I realize this doesn’t answer your question, but I thought I’d share the impression.

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I have two synthetics from Wolf Whisker's a Black Wolf, and something kind of like the plisson knot I enjoy both of them, but I would likely recommend the Silvertip as I'm partial to badger brushes but I live outside the US and WW will only ship synthetic knots in their brushes outside the US. Silvertip knots can be hit or miss on the backbone, but the Black Wolf is a super soft knot with what I'd call medium backbone

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The feeling of softness is, of course, subjective, and also dependent on the quality of the knot. I have a couple of Peter's silver tips, and they are very good brushes, good but not uncomfortable backbone. I also have several of his black wolf knots, and they are the best synthetic knots for me (and I have tried many different synthetics).

I don't think you can go wrong either way-it comes down to personal preference. For luxury, go with the badger. For outstanding performance in creating a beautiful lather effortlessly, the synthetic.

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I have both a Black Wolf and recently a Timberwolf (used twice). He did have a video on his website to explain the differences. The Black Wolf is a favorite. I am guessing the Timberwolf will also beconme a favorite (no comments on the basketball team).

Wolf Whiskers is unique in offering quality synthetic knots on a quality artisian handle. You will not find a synthetic brush elsewhere of the same quality and custom made (personal opinion).

I would assume his badger knots are also good. If your first silvertip, might be worth ordering. Both options are good answers.

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Thank you everyone. I think ive settled on the black wolf for this one.

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