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Up for sale today 3 soaps that are wet shaving favorites but are either discontinued or reformulated:
First up:original formula Aqua Di Parma.The jar is around half full and still has it's amazing fragrance and performance.Was around $70.00 new.
Here is a chance to try this long discontinued Italian soap that many soap makers have tried to duplicate both in fragrance and performance.

Next: original formula Acca Kappa 1869  Italian almond soap.This is the original formula and has been out of production for a few years. Soap has been used 2 or 3 x.Sold for around $25.00 new-Discontinued 2011-2012

Lastly:Bergums Brutalt Bra Barbersape. Purchased new from Bull Goose a few years ago(I believe it sold for $22.00)

I am downsizing the den and am not interested in trades.

I am not splitting the lot at this point.
Take all three for $65.00 Now $60.00Now $55.00 plus $5.00 shipping USPS.Paypal and CONUS please.
Send me a pm with question.
[Image: VzTbhZF.jpg]
[Image: 82HlFr7.jpg]
[Image: FmEiFUV.jpg]
[Image: 1V5Upcv.jpg]
[Image: fEzz1l9.jpg]
[Image: cX3aMZ8.jpg]
Price drop
Bump for price reduction before they go to flea bay

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