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Pennsylvania, USA
Interesting article from the Grunge.... now days we just use face masks.

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New Brunswick, Canada

"The BBC reports soldiers began growing beards to ward off the chill of the Crimean winter during the Crimean War. The army had banned beards before, but after they proved useful during the war, the ban was overturned. Men who returned with full beards were hailed as heroes, and beards became a mark of courage."

That same reasoning has to be why camo patterned clothing is popular, even though it's often pink or bright orange.

Also, polar explorers like Peary and Shackleton were popular heroes of the day.
[Image: sir-ernest-shackleton-antarctic-explorer.jpg]

From personal experience though, I can say that long moustaches are a liability in extreme cold.

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"John has a long mustache."

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Chicago Suburbs
I know many men, especially those who hunt or ski during the winter months, who grow beards in the fall and then shave them off in the spring. They do provide an extra layer of protection from cold winter winds.

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