Single scent edition with Donkey Milk and Tallow – Available starting Friday April 20

Pompelmo or Grapefruit

Noce di Cocco or Coconut

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San Jose, California
I have been looking for a straight Grapefruit in a great base. Looks like it will be WKDM!

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And also....

Chypre Rose Concerto – Available starting Friday April 20

Tallow and Donkey Milk


After Shave Splash

After Shave Balm

After Shave Toner

Eau de Toilette

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Coconut sounds good to me!

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Coconut would be great for the summer!

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Both new single scents and Chypre Rose Concerto are now up for sale on their site!

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That grapefruit scent sounds about right for the upcoming warmer months. I have Chypre Rose Concerto, Cuero Oscuro and King of Oud and really like how they perform.

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That Grapefruit sounds lovely!
Both of these soaps are nice.

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