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Can anyone describe the difference between WK's La Fougere Parfaite and Fougere Bouquet? LFP is my favorite soap among all my soaps but I have not tried Fougere Bouquet.

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I like both. LFP is more powdery and cologne or perfume scent. Fougere Bouquet is more floral and fern. Kinda like being in a green house. Maybe just a touch of earth. Both are a great scents.

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Thanks so much!

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Find parfait to be much much stronger sweeter almost overpowering albeit pleasant scent whereas bouquet more natural and muted

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LFP = Brut

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FB = ?

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Fougère Bouquet reminds me of Brut, but it’s more muted and not as sweet. I haven’t tried La Fougère Parfaite… Also, I’m not a Brut fan, but Fougère Bouquet is sufficiently different for me to enjoy it, even though there is that similarity.

WhollyKaw also used to have a scent called Fern Concerto. Clearly Sri knows his fern scents well!

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FB is a very manly scent. Sort of like Brut meets Old Spice in a manner.

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Liked fern conc more than fb or parfait. Strong pref for green scents too from acqua dselva to pens fern and git (the 2 scents worn almost daily from late spring thru fall)

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I have FB and Parfait and prefer the scent on Parfait. Have never smelled Fern Concerto but it sounds nice.

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