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Wondering about this... Does anyone actually like it?

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(08-19-2018, 07:22 PM)Nero Wrote: Wondering about this... Does anyone actually like it?

I was agreeing with you before. But...this isn’t productive.

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This is getting peculiar.

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I'll bite. I started after the boom of the artisans years ago. Some of the first artisan soaps I bought were Mystic Water and Mike's. Personally, Michelle's soaps that were formulated prior to including lanolin worked better for my skin. I don't mind lanolin being included but recently, I think that Mike's is my next on my list to discontinue using. The waxy feeling you mention I do get from Mike's but I also think that the cocoa butter is something my skin doesn't work as well with. The lather is incredible, dense, protective but at the end of the shave now, my face isn't feeling as comfortable as it used to be. My face feels great no doubt but not as balanced (soft but not greasy).

Now I pretty much stick with SV which is veggie.

Why not just use soaps without lanolin?

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Philadelphia, PA
locking this as it's basically the same as... https://damnfineshave.com/thread-i-still-don-t-get-it

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