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I've been wet shaving for a number of years and have tried soaps/creams from dozens of artisans. These days, I mostly use soaps/creams from a very small handful of artisans that I consider top-tier like Barrister and Mann, A&E, Talbot, PAA, etc. 

However, every now and then I'll break out a tub of an old favorite and wish that they'd reformulate. Some artisans, like Dr. Jons have recently released reformulated products of some of my favorites (Flowers in the Dark) and I'm hoping that I see more artisans do the same. 

Which vendor/artisan would you like to see reformulate their soap/cream? One that comes to mind is Chiseled Face/Groomatorium. Sure, their soap base is good but I truly enjoy their products because of the unique scents. Ghost Town Barber and Sherlock belong in every shave den!!! I'd love to see a new, improved version of their soap base. I'd honestly buy every one of their soaps all over again if they released products with an improved formula. 


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Chiseledface would by choice for a reformulation as well. I love their scents (Sherlock, Stag, Summer Storm) but not their base.

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Chiseled Face
Dr. Harris
Caties Bubbles
Phoenix & Beau
Wickham 1912

The last two are highly regarded by many but I find both of them to leave my skin very dry, I love their scents though

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I would be very pleased if Floris and Penhaligon's once again made tallow-based shaving soaps.

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I'd like to see a number of vegan artisans with exceptional scents go full tallow.

Speaking to you Dr. Jon's

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I don't support Big Lanolin. So if it was removed from formulas, I'd buy more soaps.

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(09-19-2019, 12:35 AM)Nero Wrote: I don't support Big Lanolin. So if it was removed from formulas, I'd buy more soaps.

I was waiting for this!

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B&M Taiga and Limon used to be offered in the now discontinued Latha base. IMO the scents were quite nice, and Limon was a nice summer soap. I'd be happy to see them reformulated in one of B&M's better bases and brought back.

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Trumpers Soap pucks. Love the scents . Performance blows. ( old tallow and potassium palmate soaps were fantastic)

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I don't know if I have any re-formulations in mind but I'd like to see more collaborations.  I love the Chatillon Lux collaborations with Declaration Grooming and I also loved some of Shawn's earlier collaborations.  For instance, the fantastic Yuzu Rose Patchouli was available in Declaration Grooming, Tallow+Steel and Wholly Raw bases at different times.  Catalan's Prairie was available in Tallow+Steel and (I think) Declaration Grooming bases.  I'd have to look into my stash to see what else there is.  

I'd love to see some of Chatillon Lux's scents in a Barrister and Mann Reserve base or Hallows in Ryan's latest Tallow+Steel base.  How about Wholly Kaw's Chypre Rose Concerto in a Tallow+Steel base?  Or Leviathan in a duck tallow base?  I could really go for Penhaligon's Blenhiem Bouquet in a B&M Reserve base and why doesn't Barrister and Mann do something in duck tallow?  Like Blenhiem Bouquet in a reformulated duck tallow reserve base?

Well....that was fun Big Grin

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