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I have a polished Wolfman razor that I would like to maintain as best as I can. It has not really acquired and real scratches but it does have some small hard water deposits that Dawn and a toothbrush have not removed. Is there a very gentle polish that I can use by hand with a cloth that will remove these without damaging the finish? Is so which polish will do? Thanks

My friend, MAAS for help, finishing polish
Maas or Flitz.

No abrasives.

If you only dunk it and rinse it well, you can do Barkeeper's Friend dissolved in hot water. Give time to settle. It will eat anything but steel. Dissolves everything. Even the skin on your hands and fingers. So be mindful using it.

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Shave yourself.

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(03-17-2018, 07:04 PM)Mr.Dinky Wrote: My friend, MAAS for help, finishing polish

Will the Maas polishing microfiber cloth be sufficient for very light touch ups? This seems like the easiest option

Yes, after applying the paste, I rubbed it with a cloth made of microfiber and plain cotton. In both cases, there was an excellent result. It is necessary to understand that deep scratches MAAS will not polish, but the bright shine will result. You can see your own reflection)

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They make a polishing cloth with the Maas polish already applied to it in a dry form. Will this be sufficient for light maintenance of hard water deposits and minor scratches?
Just think of it as a patina, adds character.

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Brasso (wadding in tin) works really well, not sure if there is a US version, US Brasso is not the same. Removes water marks & tea stains with little effort.
[Image: brasso_duraglit_metal_polish_wadding_75g-1465270123.jpg]

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Never Dull is what I use.... [Image: 9e451e59b7b3a91cb3ded3852f1df407.jpg]

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What’s the finest grade products that will actually remove small surface scratches by hand?

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