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**Kai Stainless- Very good shave. A lot of blade feel, you can tell that it is sharp, or wider. Very efficient blade, was able to get pretty smooth with two passes. A little irritation after. You need to go slower with this blade as it is sharp. It works well in the mild Henson but will likely be too much in more aggressive razors. The blade is as advertised in the community.

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I just spent the last 5 shaves with a KAI blade. The shaves improved with each subsequent day. By #5 I tossed, not for degradation just caution. . I think it worked best with my Carbon - and my Karve B. Going to explore this one more.

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For me, the reference blade is always:

Gillette Platinum New Razor Blades
Manufacturer: Gillette
Country: Russia
Coating: Platinum

[Image: gVVE7sU.jpeg]

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I feel the need to post, because I see zero entries for the Dorco blades here...

Dorco Prime, to be specific. I don't really switch blades and this one has become my go-to unseating the Personna. Cheap, good build quality (including NO glue dots), and sharp enough for me.[Image: eba7b465ecdc85fe35feba6ac19ae7ef.jpg]

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