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(09-16-2020, 09:02 AM)HoosierShave Wrote:
(09-16-2020, 08:50 AM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Today I got a new knee.  Not really something to look forward to except 3 weeks of pretty intense pain followed by PT of pain but if you push through the previous daily bone ache, the wake-you-in-the-night pain, and the deciding to sit The Hike out are gone.  Looking forward to living a richer life. Anyway, knowing the hospital was not giving me a dapper outfit, I was only left with good grooming and awesome smell.  AOS sandalwood soap and Fine Santal Absolut splash fit the bill.

Good luck with the rehab Lipripper660!  I'm guessing that your active lifestyle and love of the outdoors has kept the muscles around the knees fairly strong which will be helpful during the recovery/PT.

And a super good surgeon!  So far so good.  And thanks my friend

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(09-16-2020, 08:56 AM)Lipripper660 Wrote:
(09-16-2020, 03:28 AM)TommyCarioca Wrote: Day 9 c Sir Henry's Casino Royale

Classic blend, great base. I have rolled through 8 pucks in a row [doubled up on Sandalwood]

Only one left is unscented-on deck [tomorrow].

Lip- you thx again for introducing me to my new girlfriend

My ranking [totally based on scent]:
1.Barbershop Quartet
2. Sandalwood
3. Bay Rum
4. Vetiver
5. Black and Tan
6. LSV
7. Casino Royale
8. Unscented

Barbershop is  top 4 all time puck for me. Right there with Fine Santal, Caties Bubbles LPV, and PdP 63 [scent based]. I think my inventory is around 400.

C U all tomorrow [Image: f0496d2516e3911680e94a2f5b6aef6f.jpg]

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This is a top tier soap that is always in stock, covers the scent wheel well, with limited scent offerings. I enjoy all their scents but my top three are Sir Henrys Sandalwood, Quartet barbershop, and vetiver/black pepper.  The barbershop is the best barbershop on the market.
Man we are absolutely on the same page. Not sure why it took me so long to get on the train

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Lip, now you have a reason to start shaving your legs! You can get thru your inventory faster and try a new puck on each leg?

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Penhaligon's Opus 1870 shaving cream
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Stirling Spice

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I just finished a pass around & was using the soap furnished with the razor.  Now I can use my soap of choice, Ethos. After being away from Ethos for a week, I realize how much better Ethos is than other soaps.

Ethos Melange d'agrumes.
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Wholly Kaw - Scentropy (Siero base) Happy2

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