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(05-14-2019, 05:30 PM)churchilllafemme Wrote: XPEC Original shaving cream (first Forester Milan version)
[Image: wYIHJWB.jpg]

I used the same today but the current version. Awesome shaves I get from it and move the scent of this. Pairs nicely with my MFK Grand Soir.

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Windsor t. (D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd.) citrus, leather, pepper, vetiver

D.R. Harris leaves a dry finish that even a warm, misty afternoon can’t overcome. A good balm vastly improves the waxy feeling after the shave. In all other respects, the lather is fine, though not remarkable by current standards. So why does Windsor stay in my rotation? First, the beech bowl is class itself. I’m not sure when shaving soap was first sold in a wooden tub with a wooden lid, but this design takes me back to the first Golden Age of wet shavery, those decades between 1900 and 1960, when men wore linen, leather, and wool. The other reason I keep it is because Windsor smells splendid. Imagine you’ve just spilled a drop of Grey Vetiver on a new pair of brogues. At first you regret it and try to mop it up, but after a couple minutes you realize that smell’s really not half bad, and in spite of your better judgment you give the shoes another drop.
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(05-13-2019, 04:02 PM)Tidepool Wrote: Pre Sale

[Image: B4SPC2X.jpg]
Great scent (love it), but all St. James creams set my face on fire.

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On the road this week and it was a quick trip so I carried on my bag. That means a Gillette Guard razor, my travel brush, and a tube of Cremo Bourbon cream. Meh. Hey, it is slick and it will lather and the scent is awesome but it's more a grooming chore than the morning event I've come to enjoy. I PIFed the big tube a while back but kept this sample so I could revisit it. Hey, I'm not missing the big tube and my friend loves it so win/win. I'll kill this sample on this trip go back to Coates for my travel cream from here out.

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