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Old Spice shaving soap (vintage)
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Mystic Water Irish traveler seemed appropriate today!
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TOBS Almond.

First time using a TOBS product and I’m impressed with the performance. I was so used to loading up hard soaps that I forgot that TOBS are cream based so i loaded more than enough. Lol. I like the performance but weak scent.

Sandwich Islands
Cheshire (Barrister & Mann) bergamot barbershop

Cheshire, my soap of the week, gave me five days of flawless shaving. Although this puck is over two years old and the soap has grown quite hard, the scent is still full and interesting. In fact, the citrus grows stronger the deeper I delve into the tub.
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Woodstock, VT
Essential oils only. 75-25 Lavender-Lime. Absolute perfection.

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