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Grafton (Truefitt & Hill) lavender, tarragon, coumarin

After ten months on the shelf, my tub of Grafton has withered from a cream to a croap. A little dismayed with its new leathery texture, I thought I would take a stiff brush to it, and with luck I could soften the crust and work in some water. I found it was so spongy, though, that I had trouble even loading the brush. So, losing patience, I dipped in my finger into the jar and scraped up a stiff dollop and spread it thin across my scuttle. Considering how much I dredged out, I thought it would make a mountain of lather. Instead, I got just enough for three passes. What really surprised me, though, was the excellent quality of the emulsion. It was like warm sour cream on a hot potato, and it gave me an excellent shave, much better in fact than it did when it was new.

Grafton as a cream was adequate. As a croap it’s quite good. After ten more months I just may have a superb vintage shaving soap.
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The Shaving Shop - Springtime in Paris

Interesting story behind this one. I acquired it in a trade and when I recieved the soap found there was a certain element in the scent that was very off putting to me so I put it up in a soap trade thread of my own. It sat in my cabinet for a couple months until the other day when I was going through some of my soaps and opened this one and instead of finding that same scent found this to be a wonderfully scented soap so decided to use it and had a great shave. Made me wonder if it was something similar to the issues some were having with some of the Phoenix & Beau soaps.
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(01-08-2017, 11:14 PM)Freddy Wrote:
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This is one of my favorite scents all time!
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