A&E Barbiere Sofisticato

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Sandwich Islands
Cèdre-Patchouli v. (Le Père Lucien) cedar & patchouly

LPL’s tiny tins used to irk me, but now that I’ve got the hang of loading from them, they’re turning out to be some of my favorites. Tidy and sparkling clean, they take up precious little space on the sink. Badger, boar, or cashmere synthetic, it doesn’t matter. They all make a quick and satisfying lather with Cèdre-Patchouli. The scent? It may be a little rich for a hot afternoon shave, but in the cool of the early morning that musty patchouly and earthy cedar offer a soft, easy entry into the day.
   [Image: uENb9BX.png]

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Barrister and Mann Fougere Angelique

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Captain's choice / 45th parallel [Image: 2d503e4ee9f0e3e9d1683573f5e2ff06.jpg]

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
As a decided Vetiver junky, and given the plethora of vetiver scents out there, Mikes Vetiver is one of the best.  There is nothing hiding amongst the vetiver oil.  No competing scent.  No floral top.  No patchouli base note.  Just vetiver.  Performance is Mikes.  And Bouki, I too get the Cracker Jack peanut smell which I enjoy and reminds me of a story told by a friend who rode a chopper out of Saigon to a waiting US ship where she and the other children were givin a box of Cracker Jack.  She said that scent will forever mean freedom.[Image: igpxgMR.jpg]

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Los Angeles
[Image: iAjyZZP.jpg]

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First time I used Mitchell Wool Fat. Awesome soap in terms performance, scent was ok,but not my favorite

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Wholly Kaw King of Oud

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Roger & Gallet l'Homme shaving soap (vintage)
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Fall is my favorite season...cooler temperatures always make me smile!  And Lit is just the right scent for a cool fall morning

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