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aka: The drizzle, The fume, The puddle
custom rudy vey with finest 2 band. cant wait tomm i should have my new razorock badger to try out
Yesterday I face lathered with my Semogue 1520.


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Simpsons Commodore X2. I really need to comb it out, it's been shedding for a month. Knot still looks dense though.
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Paladin Chief. One of my favorites, seems to get better every time.
(I think I know who No.1 is!)

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[Image: vAFvKxNl.jpg]

I used a Shavemac Silvertip 2-Band, 173 Handle in Brown/Beige

26mm bulb knot nominal, set to 28mm with 54mm loft

One of my favorite brushes!
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Semogue S.O.C. Cherrywood.
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Zenith B3 red handle boar

[Image: Eut6e6z.jpg]
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I used a brush I put together from a AMack4shaving 24mm sunrise knot and a whipped dog handle.

(Working on how to upload a photo. Only getting ability to use a link).
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[Image: 9r0RyY7.jpg]
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Zenith B3 red handle boar brush

[Image: Jle4k0b.jpg]
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