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Yup, so much crap is made today. We have a Bosch cooktop also. The first one had a huge flaw in the design, grates that would easily move under weight. I informed the seller and Bosch and they came and replaced the entire unit with one with a proper set of grates that weren't hazardous to use.

Crap cooking appliances... We replaced out electric cooktop and oven not all that many years ago. How soon I forget the names of the guilty; I think it was a Frigidaire gas oven that we bought first. But the name isn't important because any consumer oven of the sort we bought were all made the same (as we later found out). We didn't think that we bought junk until shortly after we began using it. First the springs that the swing down hinges used bound up and had to be replaced. Then the hinges themselves became an issue, they were held in place with sheet metal screws screwed directly into the light sheet metal of the oven, they stripped out and had to be replaced with larger ones. Then the hinge parts themselves were made of such soft steel that they began bending. The door became very hard to open and close. Then one night I had something in it and a guest over for dinner. The door opened maybe 8 inches and wouldn't open further. That was the end for that oven. I put enough pressure on the door and totally destroyed it. During this time we had to replace the electronics twice. They were placed in the hottest part of the oven purposefully, so that they would cook. Good riddance to bad garbage. In our search for a new oven I explained to the salesman what I didn't want, (either a deaf or brain dead salesman) and he kept showing us models that appeared to come out of the same factory in China as the one that pooped itself. That's why I wrote above that the brand didn't matter. Same model with different emblems put on it for the various brands. So I began my own search. The problem I had is that our oven needs to be small to fit into the space allotted to it. That made the search difficult as not every manufacturer makes an oven that small. I finally found Blue Star. It's a commercial grade oven. No electronic controls to cook, side opening door so one can get close to the food to remove it, rugged and simple. I love the thing. It's actually larger inside than the one that pooped itself, is better insulated and still fits in the opening. One negative. The wife is short and it's a built in and is at waist height and higher for me. The control dial is too high for her to see since it indexes at the top. That's not really the fault of the oven.

Anyway, my point is that there's lots of junk made today and one doesn't realize it oftentimes until much too late. Clearly our first gas oven was made to fill an opening in the cabinet and not for much else. The first oven required many service calls, the Blue Star has absolutely no issues whatsoever.

(Blue Star is basically the old Garland if anyone is familiar with that brand.)
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