Idaho Falls, Idaho
[Image: ScB6rKS.jpg]

Vintage Gillette New Long Comb. Favorite razor.

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Northern NJ
I’ve been honeymooning with the WR2 1.05 DC in stainless. Smooth effortless shaves. The final safety bar pass is just so good.

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expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
Gillette Skinguard
Gillette 2 Blade Cartridge (5)
Gillette Super speed (no date code) / Feather blade [Image: 769b047c4da939be98c5d2c815f1f1f8.jpg]

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RazoRock Slab with GSB Blade.

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Wolfman WR2-DC Titanium/WRH2 with a Gillette Platinum Plus (17), using the open comb side for the WTG pass and solid bar side for the next two passes. The blade is starting to tug, so I'll probably just get one more shave from it.
[Image: xgrZ2yq.jpg]

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Apollo/Rotbart[Image: aad1ad3f19723f636641f28bc4a1cdab.jpg]

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Today I used a British 1939 Tech and a new version of a Derby Extra blade. My shave cream was Nivea, and I used Dove after shave balm, and Nenen Skin Bracer. I used a Vintage Synthetic brush.

DFS in 2 passes.

I own about 20 Techs. This one is the most efficient and the most aggressive.

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Paradigm Ti II
Personna Lab Blue (3)

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I used a Merkur Progress 500 I purchased in 2003. Just arrived today in mail an ATT Atlas with S2 plate for tomorrow

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