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After having seen some of your brush collection photos I recognize that I won't be the repository of all things shaving brushes but I have been using, buying, and making/restoring brushes for a lot of years. Just finished up 4 restorations this morning. As I was washing the brush knots out I pondered what it is about brushes that I enjoy and it comes down to their uniqueness.

For example, I own three Edwin Jagger DE89 razors that I purchased to compare blades. These things are so similar that every one behaves exactly like its brother. And in the case of razors I'm grateful our manufacturers are so stringent on tolerances.

That said, I don't have two brushes that act the same. the four brushes I finished this morning were a Silvertip 20mm mounted in a vintage Baton butterscotch. I purposefully left much of the patina in place which won't affect the performance but it sure is pretty. The loft I set to 48mm more out of esthetics than performance. Knot is pretty dense and it bloomed nicely. The next knot went into a Peerless vintage I'd opened up to accept the 24mm badger/boar mixed knot. I set the loft at about 55mm due to liking my boars a bit taller and a bit shaggy. This one is a super dense knot with plenty of spine and I think I nailed the loft perfectly. Next comes another nondescript Sanax vintage that I stuffed a 22mm Game Changer synthetic into. Dense and boney with soft tips. Might be my new travel brush. And lastly a Whipped Dog butterscotch I had kicking around got a 24mm Cashmere that is super soft, not so dense, and medium spined. Can't get a more eclectic herd than these four but I find them all interesting.

So what's the best brush? Dude! I don't know. For me it totally depends on the day and my mood. If I want a quick shave I'll grab a brush with a Tuxedo knot because they lather ANYTHING quickly and have enough spine to pick up soap fast. If I have time and want to pamper myself I'll grab a big old Silvertip Badger. I love how they fill with lather and stay opened up. They hold heat and a ton of cream and face feel is awesome. If I feel like having a splay-fest with tons of lather a Plisson or plissoft knot will happen. The lower density and backbone make these knots total luxury and they cover real estate. Two Band Badger? I love em. I like to build them super dense and girthy. These seem like the business men of the shaving world. Well dressed but ready to dig in and get to work. Boars you ask? Well let me tell you. Boars are the Offensive Line of the shaving brush world. No press time. No glory. But everyone has to have some. I love boar brushes.

I like them dense and less-so. I like them with backbone and floppy. I like them short and scrubby or tall and whippy. I like badger and boar and synthetic (haven't tried a horse yet). I like em colorful or subdued (although I appreciate classic lines most). I like bigger and smaller knots (although my sweetness is generally 24 to 30 mm). I love em because no two are alike but each of them are totally predictable.

I could easily (don't have to and don't want to) settle down with just a EJ89 razor. I would be ok if I only had my beloved tallow AOS in sandalwood. If every remaining shave on this rock happened with a Polsilver super I'd be happy. But if I had to settle on just one brush? PLEASE NO!

How about posting some photos of your creations? I think everyone would enjoy seeing them.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
[Image: WGUegh7.jpg]

Baton with 20mm Silvertip

[Image: v47JES0.jpg]

Peerless with 24mm Badger/Boar

[Image: 2hlTa8p.jpg]

Santax with 22mm Gamechanger

[Image: uKrCcjH.jpg]

Whipped Dog with 24mm Cashmere

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