I know they were on kickstarter, but that was several years ago.
Anyone know if they just gave up, or still fundraising?
Their website says nothing about it and the updates are all years old now.
Matt, I had never heard of this razor, before reading your thread and it does look like an interesting design. Smile
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I, too, just looked it up.  After watching the video, I don't think anything has come of this.  Pre-order states a delivery in the first quarter of 2017 and the video itself was made in 2014.  At a price of US$150.00 (or US$125.00 if pre-ordered), and based on what I have seen and read, I don't see it as much more than an expensive modern day gimmick.
I've never heard of it but I'm skeptical of pivoting heads. It seems like you would have to apply too much pressure for it to pivot.

It's basically a OneBlade but uses DE blades. Thought it looks like a good idea.
The leaf razor is yet another pivoting razor that looks a little more promising. I heard from another forum member that he received his and liked it.

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