Alpha Shaving all Stainless DE

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Another Rooney Finest brush is coming, a Style 1 Size 2.  I can't really claim that I needed one, but it's in beautiful condition.
[Image: LZNWzrt.jpg][Image: 9kzbarJ.jpg]

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A bunch of soap, a set, 2 knots, Mammoth Kryptonite Brush
Just today the rural postman delivered a
RR SS HAWK V3 Single edge.

Just finished first shave with a Proline, and a 2 pass smooth shave resulted.

Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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A cerakoted Gillette Short Comb.  I had one coated by Delta Echo in the past, but my little grey cells aren't working well, and I don't really remember it.  So I am getting this Short Comb to compare to my Long Comb, just out of curiosity.
[Image: Tuv97Uu.jpg]

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Санкт Петербург . Россия.
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Krect, Coopers, Berkeley...and at least a couple that are complete mystery.

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Today my postwoman delivered a HAIRCUT & SHAVE 075 razor.
Tried it tonight with a WIZAMET and got a fantastic shave!!

Also arriving was 10 sample packs of TOMMY BAHAMA! Fantastic stuff.

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Replated Aristocrat (24c gold) and blade banks, by Back Roads Gold.  Beautiful job.[Image: 9BZ4RO3.jpg]

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Just got a shipping notification for an H&S P076 in 17-4 stainless.

[Image: 1BsyJwd.jpg]

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