Price no issue. Top several being produced today?

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Soapy Science (Lollipop Citrus for scent, all are excellent performers - easy to lather and slick)
Phoenix & Beau (White Chapel, Baskersville, Pall Mall scents are excellent, good performance)

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Declaration Grooming (bison and Icarus bases), Barrister and Mann Reserve, Wholly Kaw donkey milk, Oleo Canard, Mystic Water, Mike's, Stirling, Shannon's to name a few.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Grooming Dept tallow, if you can get your hands on it that is.

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- Jeff

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Razorock what the puck deserves a mention being a triple milled soap and gives amazing thick lather. MWF, Tabac and Chella otherwise

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And they told me "try wet shaving, it saves money!" Big Grin

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Barrister and Mann Reserve
Wholly Kaw Donkey Milk
Declaration Grooming Icarus Base
Grooming Dept Tallow & Tallow/Duck Fat Bases

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In no particular order:

Declaration Grooming
The GroomingDept
Wholly Kaw

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Regarding price performance ratio, variety of scents and availability at many vendors - Stirling. Absolute no 1. All others fall behind.

Some have great performance and lack in scent dept, and vice versa. Or they cost bloody too much. Or there is almost impossible to buy them. I consider these factors very important.

That is why Grooming dept, talbot, wholly kaw, tallow and steel are not amongst my favorites.
Nowadays plenty of soaps are really good performance wise. Not good, great. There are almost no bad performers. So some other things imho have to be taken in consideration to filter the best ones. To me, those are atm: Barrister Glissant and Reserve, Noble Otter, Mickey Lee Soapworks, Fine, Stirling, PAA Crown King.

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Here are my top favorites:
Grooming Dept
Tallow & Steel
CRSW Glide
Lisa's new formula

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Hands down grooming dept duck, donkey and lusso bases followed by wholly kaw donkey milk
Just an old slow fat man
Grooming Dept
Declaration Grooming
Wholly Kaw
Lisa Natural Herbal Creations new base

I could rotate through these for the rest of my days and be the happiest shaver in the world.

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