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I thought I'd post my new Shaving Video here for you all to rip apart.  I am totally going out on a limb here and really trying to expand my horizons by doing this.  I wasn't sure if I'd do this kind of thing as I got really comfortable just watching everyone else put their two cents in via shaving videos and review videos.  I love taking pictures but to be in front of the camera is a real stretch for me.  So, I hope you enjoy it - I have a few ideas that I hope will be unique to this video channel and I do hope to do giveaways as well.  I don't just want to do "another clone video channel" as if you want those kinds, you can always go check out your favorites.

I hope you enjoy it, as this first shaving video was an absolute kick to do!  I was really surprised how easy the shooting of it was, I just have to get used to the timing of it.  Hope all of you are happy and enjoying your shaving gear and shaves as much as I am.

Take care everyone!  Please subscribe to my channel and like my videos if indeed, you like them.


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That was a nice looking lather. I like a thick lather too, but I go over it one final time with a wet brush to smooth it out. Good video and format, but I recommend cutting it down to around 10 min or less. I still enjoyed it but fast forwarded through some of it.
I just realized the Casablanca you used is made by Crown King/PAA. I really enjoy Crown King Tack Room and want to try other scents from the line, so might have to give that one a try. The Shaving Shop is full of interesting scents. Once again, good video and nice lather.

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Congratulations on your first successful video! Happy2
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I have used Maravilla lotion (Agua de Maravillia) since I was a kid. Growing up in Puerto Rico that was the aftershave of choice. Amazing!

Very nice video!

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