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Someone sent me a small sample of this soap to try and today was the first time I got to use it. I bowl lathered it using an Alpha T-400 brush with an Envy Shave Luxury Silvertip knot and shaved with a Gillete NEW short comb w/ Personna Red (Israel). The soap lathered very easily. My Turkish hand hammered copper tin-lined bowl was filled with lather. Nice sheen and soft peaks. For the shave it had tons of slickness as I noticed the razor just glide easily over my face without the slightest hint of friction. Cushion was good as I barely felt the razor on my face. I did get some weepers but attribute that to not having used the NEW in a very long time. And I haven't put the tungsten putty in the handle to weight it down a bit as I like a heavier handle. Post shave feel is really nice and moisturized. But what really got me, in a good way, is the scent. I have only found a couple soaps or creams that really draw me in. Stirling Barbershop is one. AOS Sandalwood is another. TOBS Grapefruit is another. Van Yulay Into The Woods is yet another. And WCS Gatsby No. 1 may very well be another to add to my very short list. I have 46 soaps and creams but these are the only ones that really make a real impression on me. To me scent is almost as important as performance and when I find a really good performing soap with an amazing scent, I just go bonkers. I have maybe two more shaves out of this sample but something tells me I may be ordering a full tub after the second shave.

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PAA makes that line of soaps for WCS. I totally agree on scent being an important part if the experience. If I don't like the scent, I don't really want to shave with it that much regardless of performance. I have too many other soaps that are enjoyable in all aspects. I really like Stirling Barbershop too.

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The Gatsby soap/splash set is a good deal ($32) at West Coast Shaving, and with free shipping right now.

I’m really intrigued by the scent, as the reviews have been so positive. However, the one negative seems to be a fairly glaring one — a few reviewers have expressed that the wonderful scent of the so-called “aftershave cologne” fades rather quickly. That’s a huge bummer when it’s such a pleasant scent…

(My experiences with other PAA-made aftershave colognes have been similar in the sense that where some stick around for the entire day, others fade rather quickly.)
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