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Pictured below is what I’m in search of:

[Image: fb62d16fdf9333ad09bf7c1f265d1d63.jpg]

Pictured below is what I can trade. One for one:

DG B8 Darkfall
[Image: 7fdbb9b7c2246c0a279e0e4dd25a1c12.jpg]

DG B4 Cane
[Image: 1f6a4261cd7e7f3652602b7e2b4d21c9.jpg]

DG b4 Vastness Theo
[Image: a4ca0c3115dff8d777c199ea79962b5e.jpg]

Paradigm Diamondback 2019

[Image: 7b29af82fecaef26a3068baf4c74f64f.jpg]

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