❤️s in bna and dtw
trade only, sale requests won't be entertained. lower 48 only. from left to right

mdc glass fougere - about 70%
tallow + steel - grog (new)
tallow + steel - grog (one use)
tallow + steel - rainforest (one use)
ufo container xxx (three uses)
acqua di parma - colonia (five uses)
crabtree + evelyn - sweet almond oil (two uses, glass)
mdc glass scented (the lavender one) - about 70%

[Image: MVIMG_20171028_165135.jpg]

[Image: MVIMG_20171028_165140.jpg]

[Image: MVIMG_20171028_165144.jpg]

make your own deal, here, folks. thank you!
eric b

sotd album: https://goo.gl/photos/qB2EdWaqQm2MSNa26

my youtube channel - dance music + shaving: https://www.youtube.com/user/drummondbass/videos
I have Soap Commander Vision and Fortitude both over 90%, LPL OUD SANTAL 80%, LPL FOUGERE 95%, B&M Lavanile 90%, K shave worx Aries 90% PAA ALFIN 90%, I’d like ADP Colonia and MDC Lavender.

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