I have a Theo B8 DG Sweet Lemon and Chance Of Rain B8 Jefferson.

I have big fat hands and these are kinda hard to hold.

Looking to either trade for other DG batch brushes or a Varlet 27-28mm brush.

Disclaimer: I have used these brushes max 3X. The Chance of Rain Jefferson in a on the skinny side as well. I will try to hold out for a trade as long as possible as it is my first priority if not I will be selling. So please be patient with me and I apologize in advance if it takes me some time to reply back to the buy PMs.

Sweet Lemon: $280 + $10 priority shipping with added extra insurance

Chance of Rain: $270+ $10 priority shipping with added extra insurance

Let me know what you got.

[[Image: 1efa9c857b70e969cf529f6ad4cd613f.jpg]
[Image: fef4e278e19dbb38376d0bfad5624192.jpg]
[Image: ef7181b6650815b4166b9059c54a861a.jpg]
[Image: fd424a293dc8fe9d329ebd669f48251f.jpg]

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