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I've got some soap/AS sets that I'd like to trade for a lightly used or new Doppelgänger Ox Blood set. CONUS please.

My sets for trade (all very lightly used 3-4 times tops):

- Saponificio Varensino Cosmo set
- CL/Declaration Grooming La Quatrieme Ville set
- PAA Will-O-the-wisp CK-6 set
- Local Gent Blackmoor set

If your Ox Blood set is new/unused, I have these unused sets for trade as well:
- PAA Big Shave East Fort Lauderdale set (Frangipani - Tobacco - Apricot)
- SFWS Special Edition Oleo Soapworks Citrus Verde set.

I'm also looking for Atomic Bay Rum CK-6 soap only. Here are the soaps that I've got for trade:
- Storybook Soapworks La Foret De Liguest
- Grooming Department "Yuzu - Citrus Accord - Basil - Clove - Vetiver"
- CL/Declaration Grooming (non-Icarus base)
- Doppelgänger Black Label
- Dr. Jons 13
I have an aftershave that was used once that you can have. My wife didn’t like the scent.

Redwood City
Hey there! Which aftershave? Ox Blood or Atomic Bay Rum?
Ox Blood

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