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I have for trade my Wolfman WR1-OC with the WRH7 handle in SS. Gap is .67mm. Finish is a mix between machined and polished. I’m the original owner and have the original box. Mint condition, no damages.

IMPORTANT: I’m not interested in sell the razor now.
I live in Spain bit will ship overseas.

I’m only interested in Wiborg Brushes, The Barber or The Sturdy. Open to colors. White Badger hair.

Here are some photos.
(Will add more soon)

[Image: e307862291b3a5a3d9fb680079d287c7.jpg]

[Image: 36ffa0721471e32ebfd536084b9c8fac.jpg]

Thanks for watching.

(12-12-2017, 04:58 AM)Javinho Wrote: https://damnfineshave.com/thread-want-to...at-wiborgs

Thanks Javi. I’m looking for White Badger mainly but will take a look.

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There's someone on the Facebook group "Wet shaving enablers buy sell trade" group who has two beautiful Wiborgs up for trade.


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