As title states. I am in search for Declaration Grooming B2/B1.

PM me with what you have and we might just be able to work something out.

[Image: 81577dd5604165646743fdaa45a68c9c.jpg]
[Image: 24f99c624c9ba3c43ef3c5b0f64c3c33.jpg]
[Image: 342d13e4e806c566d8c872279ed03502.jpg]
[Image: 80cd88a2620539a9ce4cc0a4db92d89d.jpg]
[Image: 2bfa1df8291e43003a584eb8d4607ef6.jpg]

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(01-25-2020, 12:00 AM)DanLaw Wrote: Wow!!!!!!

Oh it is very lovely! I just need a b1&b2 to complete my collection. Whichever one I get will help me out tremendously!
Still in the hunt
Good luck in the hunt. I have a feeling that’s my old Wiborg.

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