I have been on a quest to find a vanilla soap. However, after trying a couple of different brands I realize that it just irritates my face.

I have a 4 oz tub of Van Yulay "soap of the gods" vanilla bean shave soap that has only been used twice. I smoothed the soap into the tub for easier loading. I would like to trade for a new or lightly used tub of any one of the following:

Stirling Baker Street
Stirling Electric Sheep
Stirling Bergamot Lavender
Stirling Gentleman[Image: db587d93541f5dd6043f8fe1c049e171.jpg][Image: bec2eed2b384a7fefbc9f22afd5947a2.jpg]
I would also be open to Soap Commander Passion or Fortitude.
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I’ve never used a VY soap, but if they label their ingredients in the order they’re supposed to I wouldn’t be surprised if it irritates your face, that seems like a lot of vanilla extract to be using if it’s that high on the list!

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Yeah. I don't how they go about labeling. This is the second vanilla soap I have tried so it's obviously not for me.

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