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Hi all,

turns out, this long sought after brush might not be for me after all. I'd like to trade it for some of the stuff I haven't yet managed to try out. Mainly interested in:

Tradere OC
Declaration B1/B2
Maybe Varlet brush (pref. Mega).

I'm also open to any other offer as long as it's something cool and rare (don't mean to be a douche, I'd really prefer to try something new and I've had or have most of the obtainable stuff). Cash or items can be added or requested.

Thank you for looking.

[Image: HmzeBVH.jpg]
[Image: oXxkNDA.jpg]

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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Hey brother-

Is the bottom marked as the TSN LE? Cuz some were made as not apart of that run, I believe

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I did not know that, thanks.
Yes, there is the inscription on the bottom "Third anniversary - The Shave Nook".
There also must be a number. Could you please share that too

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Sure, it's 32.
I'd be happy to provide any additional pictures or other information, but I haven't received any real inquiries yet.
Are any of you interested?
Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have that which you are looking for.
The brush doesn't really work for me so I'm open to other offers as well, I just listed what's been on my wish list.

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Open to other offers as well, including but not limited to UFO handles.

One more bump. Very interested in a Declaration B7 knot brush or possibly a Timeless scalloped (no SB or OC please).

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